IT Policy

Information Technology in IP’96


  • The state Government would formulate a policy for establishment of new technical institutions of good quality and standard in the private sector.
  • Computer training institutions of high standard in the private sector would be encouraged.
  • A technical University would be established in the state at the earliest.
  • Special efforts would be made to set yup high quality training facilities in the state.
  • Established software training houses in the country would be encouraged to set up training facilities in the state.
  • Electronic Hardware and Software Parks with dedicated Earth Station would be established.
  • The Orissa State Electronics Development Corporation (OSEDC) has been designated as the nodal agency for promotion of electronic hardware and  software industries in the state.
  • A Software Division under this Corporation will be organized to attract and guide software industries.
  • Provision has been made for Venture Capital and Travel Assistance.
  • In addition, all the other incentives applicable to general industries
  • To organize skill development programs for the member organisation’s representatives in order to improve their efficiency in work place.


Objective of the Policy


  • The term “Information Technology Industry” would mean and include computer software sector, hardware sector and communication systems.
  • Government will arrange to set up a dedicated Electronics Park in Bhubaneswar in the 1st phase. Thereafter, the Government will also set up Electronics Parks in other potential locations including Rourkela, Berhampur and Sambalpur. These Electronics Parks shall be reserved for the sole purpose of promoting and developing. Information Technology and Hi-tech industries. These shall be provided with comprehensive infrastructural facilities inclusive of adequate power, water and telecommunication facilities and ready to occupy wired accommodation. Adequate residential facilities will also be developed in or near the Electronics Parks to provide campus accommodation to the professionals working in these parks.
  • Land in Cuttack including Jagatpur, Rourkela


IT Policy Classified for Different Sectors


  • The Government shall endeavourer to use Information technology in the process of Government to enhance productivity and efficiency and improve its response to its citizens.
  • The Government shall endeavourer to have connectivity between all its offices within a period of five years so that information and communication can flow through E-mail and large scale use of computers, video conferencing facilities etc. A Government network spanning the entire state will be created for this purpose.
  • NIC will be requested to extend DISNIC to Block Level. It will assist in training of personnel and computerization in Government.
  • Employees in the public services and public sector undertakings will be given advance for purchase of computers and related equipment.
  • The Government shall endeavor to computerize collection of Government revenue within a period of five years. With a view to providing. better and expeditious services to the citizens of the State as well as others, Government activates in sectors like land registration, land records and licensing etc. will be computerised.
  • Employees in the public services and public sector undertakings will be given advance for purchase of computers and related equipment.


Information Technology in the Educational Sector



  • The use of Information Technology in Schools, Colleges and Educational Institutions shall be accelerated.
  • The Government shall, with the help of the Industry, start a training programme for School and College teachers to help them use Information. Technology in the teaching process.
  • The above schools would be given Internet connectivity through the VSNL or the STP or ERNET at a confessional rate.
  • At the beginning, selected schools would be chosen. Each of these schools would be chosen. Each of these schools would have a computer laboratory and children would be given hands-on training in computers. Private participation in School Computer Education will be encouraged. For this purpose, companies would be invited to set up these centers with CD-ROM library and interactive teaching facilities which would be named after them. The number of such schools would be increased in a phased manner.
  • Separate provision in S&T Department budget will be made to fund training of teachers through OCAC.
  • The number of graduates in computer science and electronics would be increased so that at least 1000 engineering graduates in these courses would be available every year. The course content for this would be configured along with industry.
  • All the polytechnics and the ITI’s would be required to use Computer based educational tools with facilities for training in CAD/CAM.
  • High End Training Institutions like Orissa centre for IBM software will be encouraged to be set up both in public and private sector either singly or jointly be reputed IT Companies and the Universities.


Administrative Set-up


  • Department of Science & Technology will attend to all governmental functions of Electronics Hardware and Software related subjects. In appropriate cases, it will submit proposals to State Level Nodal Committee set up under IP 1996.
  • A Directorate of Information Technology will also be created as the field unit of the Department to implement Government decisions.
  • A State Level Coordination Committee will be set up to bring together and encourage IT training institutions. It will ensure maintenance of standards and quality in training institutions.
  • To facilitate NRI/NRO investments, an NRI Guidance Bureau will be opened to advise on legal/financial and procedural matters and provide information as required.
  • A campaign about facilities available in Bhubaneswar and other places in the state will be launched to attract large IT House both national and international to set up their facilities in the state.