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Welcome To ITAO

IT Association of Orissa (ITAO)– is a non-profitable and a registered organisation vide no.: 21400/204 of 2001-2002 under IGR, (Govt. of Odisha, India) committed for the growth of IT Industry in Odisha. ITAO was born in 1998 with a view of uniting IT related people of the state, covering both professionals and business sector. The cardinal objective is to provide a common platform for mobilising the IT resources of the State and utilise the same for generating awareness and employment in the State.

ITAO has over 300 members from all over the state of Odisha which constitute more than 75% market share of Odisha’s IT business. Since 1998 ITAO has organised eight IT-Expos with the help of Govt. of Odisha and IT corporate houses. The first IT-Expo was held at Rabindra Mandap, Bhubaneswar from 23th to 25th October 1998. The last IT-Expo was held at Exhibition Ground, Bhubaneswar from 26th to 30th of December 2008.



Mr. Abinash Patnaik

President – ITAO

Abinash Patnaik is a dynamic leader at the helm of the Information Technology Association of Odisha (ITAO), serving as its President. With an exceptional blend of expertise in technology and strategic leadership, he has been instrumental in driving ITAO's mission to empower the IT community and elevate Odisha's tech landscape. As President, Abinash Patnaik brings a wealth of experience to his role, guiding ITAO's initiatives with a strong vision for fostering innovation and collaboration. His inclusive approach has catalyzed partnerships between industry, academia, and government, shaping a thriving ecosystem for IT professionals and entrepreneurs.

"A leader is best when people start with the premise that the function of leadership is to produce more leaders not more followers"

Mr.Debasis Tripathy

Secretary – ITAO

Debasis Tripathy is a dedicated leader in the field of Information Technology, serving as the Secretary of the Information Technology Association of Odisha (ITAO). With a relentless passion for progress and innovation, he has been instrumental in driving ITAO towards becoming a recognized brand nationally and globally. As an advocate for technological advancement, Debasis Tripathy has played a pivotal role in fostering an environment of collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the IT community. His vision extends beyond organizational boundaries, aiming to elevate ITAO's stature as a leading force in shaping the future of technology in Odisha and beyond.

"My effort is always for the betterment of the members and to prove ITAO as one of the big brand nationally and Globally for its achievements."


Mr. Abinash Patnaik

President – ITAO

Mr. Ranjit Panda

Vice President – ITAO

Mr. Debasis Tripathy

Secretary – ITAO

Mr. Radhakant Bhatray

Treasurer – ITAO

ITAO is the outcome of the trust of Over 350+ Members .

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